Our Story

noun lex·i·con / ˈlɛksɪk(ə)n/
¹ The vocabulary of a person,
language, or branch of knowledge.

We have a wealth of experience gained from working across numerous building typologies including commercial, residential and multi-residential.

Our professional approach, management skills documentation and communication standards, honed on multi-residential projects, are applied to all projects regardless of size and scope.


Our combined experience spans decades, which elevates us from not only being capable, but also harbouring creative flair and rigour.

We truly understand architects, genuinely care about the final product and execute work with finesse. Our commitment to clients is enthusiastic and dedicated because we’re invested. Our focus on fostering meaningful relationships means we prioritise quality work over quantity. Working with us is a collaboration where the best end result is never compromised by bravado.

This goes hand-in-hand with our approachable and personable attitude. Our confidence is quiet.

“Our size, experience, and attitude are what distinguish us.”

Paul Di Natale


Paul is the founding Director of Lexicon, establishing the company in 2002. Whilst studying Industrial Design Paul become a qualified carpenter and under the early tutelage of his father, also a builder, found his passion in high end residential construction.

Paul is a registered domestic and commercial builder; he has a comprehensive understanding of both the design and construction process and uses these skills to communicate effectively to different stakeholders involved in any given project. Pauls big picture thinking and long-standing relationships with architects, consultants and subcontractors has elevated Lexicon into the multi-faceted, skilled, building company it is today

Graham Oates


Graham joined Lexicon in 2006, with a background in carpentry in the commercial sphere Graham came to Lexicon to try his hand at architecturally designed residential construction. Graham started onsite as a carpenter and from there quickly progressed to Site Manager, Project Manager and now Director.

Graham is a qualified carpenter and registered builder, he has a penchant for good design and sets the standard throughout the company for construction knowledge, quality, and smart detailing. Graham has built a reputation with architects and clients as diligent, detail orientated and well versed in the numerous trades involved on any given project.

Celeste Cafra

Project Manager

Celeste joined Lexicon in 2013, with a Masters of Architecture and a Bachelor of Construction Management. Starting in administration and estimating, Celeste came to Lexicon initially hesitant about a role in Construction.

She gained experience in how buildings are put together and moved into Contracts Administration and Project Coordination. Now as a Project Manager Celeste uses this experience to oversee projects from tender through to completion. Professional and fastidious, Celeste’s measured approach ensures Lexicon operates at a high standard. Celeste’s commercial awareness and consideration of the needs of the client are key qualities that foster Lexicon’s position in the industry.

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